• ZINCDEK Galvanized Steel Repair


Zinc & aluminium rich primer/topcoat.


Metal Corrosion Resistant Aerosol image

AEROCOAT ZINCDEK® 60 is a one component, organic bound zinc & aluminium rich solvent based coating containing more than 60% zinc in the dry film. Although this coating does not provide galvanic protection it still provides optimal corrosion resistant properties for less severe climates.

What Can AEROCOAT ZINCDEK® 60 Be Used For?

Primer/Topcoat For Galvanized Steel
AEROCOAT ZINCDEK® 60 works great as a protective anti-corrosive primer on galvanized steel before applying a topcoat & can be used as a topcoat on galvanized steel to provide barrier/passive protection & inhibitor/sacrificial protection.

Primer/Topcoat For Steel
AEROCOAT ZINCDEK® 60 can be used as a protective anti-corrosive primer or topcoat on steel & will provide barrier/passive protection & inhibitor/sacrificial protection.

Examples of AEROCOAT ZINCDEK® 60 Systems

System 1

ZINCDEK 60 System 1 Diagram

System 2

ZincDek 60 System 2 Diagram

Passive/Barrier Protection

Barrier protection is the most widely used method of corrosion protection and barrier protection properties act by isolating the base metal from the environment and are highly effective in keeping moisture and corrosive agents from reaching the surface. A coating with only barrier protection properties will protect the surface as long as the coating is in tact. In order for the coating to protect as effectively as possible it should have very good adhesion and mechanical resistant properties.

With AEROCOAT ZINCDEK® 60 there are 2 ways in which the barrier/passive protection occurs; the first is from the binder that adds additional protection to the zinc and is effective in creating a barrier to moisture & the second is the layer of zinc oxide protecting the steel surface & any surface exposed from mechanical damage thus preventing any rust creep under the paint film.

Passive Protection diagram

Inhibition/Sacrificial Protection

Inhibition/sacrificial corrosion protection is the process of zinc oxidising to form a moisture impervious layer of zinc oxide / zinc salts. As zinc is exposed to the elements, the zinc layers corrode and wear away, as it wears away more zinc oxide layers take formation (sacrificial). Zinc is naturally porous and when the zinc oxide layers form, the porosity of the zinc is filled with zinc oxides / zinc salts.

This process of filling the porosity dramatically reduces the rate at which the layer sacrifices itself. In addition to the formation of zinc oxide layers; AEROCOAT ZINCDEK® 60 contain high performance binders which add additional protection to the zinc particles within the zinc oxide / zinc salts layer. These high performance binders act as corrosion inhibitors to the zinc. This inhibition/sacrificial protection system essentially blocks/inhibits the corrosive agents from reaching the steel.

Inhibitor Protection diagram
Galvanic Protection diagram

Performance Characteristics

  • Easy to use one component product aerosol.
  • The bright grey metallic colour of AEROCOAT ZINCDEK® 60 will blend in with newly galvanized steel.
  • AEROCOAT ZINCDEK® 60 can be overcoated by a range of topcoats.
  • Adheres well to abraded steel and galvanizing.
  • Prevents the substrate from rust creep at areas of damage.