AeroCoat ZincDek 60

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A one pack Zinc & Aluminium rich primer, contains more than 60% Zinc in the dry film.


AeroCoat ZincDek 60 is an organic bound zinc rich coating containing more than 60% zinc in the dry film. It is applied to clean steel and hot dip galvanized surfaces to form an adherent anti-corrosive coating in excess of 100 microns thick. AeroCoat ZincDek 60 is used as a zinc rich protective primer/coating in corrosive environments on steel and hot dip galvanized surfaces.


  • Provides corrosion protection to steel surfaces exposed to moderately corrosive conditions
  • AeroCoat ZincDek 60 will blend in with newly galvanized steel
  • AeroCoat ZincDek 60 can be over-coated by a range of topcoats
  • Adheres well to abraded steel and galvanizing
  • Will provide corrosion protection to mild steel in inland industrial environments subject to moderate levels of salinity
  • Must be applied directly to steel

System 1

ZincDek 60 System 1 Diagram

System 2

ZincDek 60 System 1 Diagram


Clear Swatch

Bright Aluminium Metallic


metal corrosion resistance

Low water permeability, further enhanced by the zinc activation process that seals the protected surface.


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AeroCoat ZincDek 60 reduces the concentration of corrosive agents that reach the steel structure.

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