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PlastiLine MMA Anti-Blackening

PlastiLine MMA Anti-Blackening means long lasting visibility. Colour contrast of road markings can be hard to maintain in hot climates. Rain provides a cleaning effect on road markings, and in the absence of rain road markings pick up dirt from sand, bitumen or black tar from asphalt, tyre rubber fines and oil from vehicles.

Anti-blackening road marking

Crosswalk not very visible due to blackening effect.

The Solution

PlastiLine MMA Cold Plastic road markings used with Anti-Blackening technology will dramtically decrease the rate of road marking blackening.

  • PlastiLine Cold Plastics have an inherently high softening point.
  • Form stability at high temperatures
  • High elasticity prevents cracks from forming.
  • Anti-Blackening technology protects markings from dirt, tyre marks and oil.
Anti-blackening road marking

Anti-Blackening effect after 11 hours

Anti-blackening road marking

Anti-Blackening effect after 6 months