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Topcoat for galvanized steel & repaired galvanized steel

ZINCDEK Galvanized Topcoat
Anti-Corrosion Aerosol image

A one pack, organic bound aluminium rich topcoat for application direct onto galvanizing and other ZINCFIX® or ZINCDEK® products for additional corrosion protection and to produce a bright new galv look finish.

AEROCOAT ZINCDEK® Shiny Galv has a higher concentration of aluminium for a SHINY & BRIGHT finish.

What Can AEROCOAT ZINCDEK® Shiny Galv Be Used For?

Topcoat To Match Bright Galvanizing
AEROCOAT ZINCDEK® Shiny Galv can be used as a topcoat to match bright new galvanizing where it has been repaired by ZINCFIX® coatings.

Repair Of Blemishes On Galvanized Steel
AEROCOAT ZINCDEK® Shiny Galv works great as a touch up material to cover blemishes on galvanized steel to match bright new galvanizing.

Examples of AEROCOAT ZINCDEK® Shiny Galv Systems

System 1

ZINCDEK Shiny Galv System 1 Diagram

Performance Characteristics

  • Easy to use one component product aerosol.
  • The Shiny/Bright metallic colour of AEROCOAT ZINCDEK® Shiny Galv will blend in with newly galvanized steel.
  • Adheres well to primed steel and galvanizing.
  • Compliments the zinc rich primers by matching the colour of bright new zinc.