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1K PU Primer

One component, moisture curing high solids polyurethane primer for concrete, wood & metal. A one component, solvent base urethane primer for concrete, metal & wood - for overcoating with all types of polyurethane based coatings.

Intended Uses

1K PU Primer, is used as a adhesive primer on concrete, metal & wood surface. On concrete/cementitious surface it can be applied to substrates with moisture content of up to 6% and a ambient relative humidty of 98%. It has a surface consolidation effect for surfaces which are mechanically weak.

Used as a waterproof treatment before layer wooden flooring to prevent moisture damage due to excessive residual humidity in the cementitious screed.

Used as an anti-dust treatment on cementitious surfaces and screeds with a crumbly surface.

Recommended as a primer and adhesion promoter for polyurethane and polyurea base coats / topcoats.

Properties & Characteristics

  • High solids primer which hardens with the moisture present in the surrounding air and in the screed.
  • Low viscosity which offer high penetration and excellent sealing characteristics.
  • Enhances the physical properties of the screeded surface.