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Apexior 7 Bitumen Aluminium

Reflective Polymer Modified Coating. A one component, polymer modified bitumen aluminium reflective paint.

Intended Uses

A single pack modified bitumen aluminium paint with excellent flow and brilliance. Used as a decorative and protective reflective coating over tar and bitumen based surfaces to protect them against ultraviolet degradation. For use on bitumen coated roofs, ‘Torch on’ bituminous waterproofing, bitumen coated cast iron pipes, fence posts etc.

The advanced polymer modification allows for faster curing, better application and drastically improved performance properties in comparison to traditional Bitumen Alkyd Aluminium paints.

Apexior 7 Bitumen Aluminium is highly flexible with good elongation properties to bridge hairline cracks.


  • One component, solvent based, air drying, aluminium pigmented finish coat
  • Reflective finish reduces temperature
  • Provides protection against UV light, water and moisture, both inland and coastal
  • Excellent flow & flexibility
  • Brilliant Aluminium/Silver finish - offers excellent durability & weather stability
  • Improved long term flexibility results in longer time before maintenance requirements and better resistance to cracking.