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AeroCoat ZincFix® ZincDek 90

Corrosion Protection Aerosol image

A one pack zinc rich Cathodic protection primer, contains 96% Zinc in the dry film.


AeroCoat ZincFix® ZincDek 90 is an organic bound zinc rich coating containing more than 96% zinc in the dry film. It is applied to clean steel and hot dip galvanized surfaces to form an adherent anti-corrosive galvanic coating in excess of 100 microns thick.

When suitably cleaned steel is dipped in molten zinc at 450°C, a coating comprising of a series of iron/zinc alloy layers, over-coated with relatively pure zinc is formed. The hot dip galvanized coating provides a barrier against corrosion and sacrificial protection. When the hot dip galvanized steel is site cut, welded or mechanically damaged it loses these properties. In order to prevent this sacrificial protection property prematurely consuming the surrounding coating, repair of the damaged coating/area using ZincFix® ZincDek 90 is recommended.

ZincFix® ZincDek 90 is used as a protective coating by providing creating a sacrificial protective layer offering comparative features to hot dip galvanizing in the form of a liquid applied coating. It can subsequently be overcoated to provide a “duplex” system giving active/galvanic and passive protection in one.

ZincFix® ZincDek 90 is used as a weld able Shop Primer at thicknesses of 30-40μm. ZincFix® ZincDek 90 is used on rebars in concrete insuring protection from corroding and subsequent Spalding.


  • Easy to use one component product aerosol.
  • Although the medium grey metallic colour of ZincFix® ZincDek 90 will stand out on the bright shiny surface of newly exposed zinc, it will blend into a very similar finish once the stable matt grey zinc carbonate film has formed
  • ZincFix® ZincDek 90 can be over-coated by a range of topcoats such as acrylics, epoxies, polyurethanes, vinyl’s, alkyds & oil based paints.
  • High temperature resistance of 150°C.
  • Adheres well to abraded steel and galvanizing.
  • Can be used as touch-up primer for inorganic primers.
  • Excellent corrosion protection, exhibits corrosion performance equivalent to hot-dip galvanizing.
  • Unlimited pot life.
  • Infinitely overcoatable, each new layer of ZincFix® ZincDek 90 chemically bonds with the underlying ZincFix® ZincDek 90 layer to form a homogeneous film thus provided a rejuvenated layer of Cathodic protection.
  • Weld-able.
  • Provides Active Cathodic Protection.

System 1

ZincFix ZincDek 90 System 1 Diagram

System 2

ZincFix ZincDek 90 System 1 Diagram


Medium Grey Swatch

Medium Grey Metallic


ZincFix® ZincDek 90 oxidises and a layer of zinc salts slowly builds up on the surface creating a barrier effect, diffusing water and air.


The ZincFix® ZincDek 90 binder inhibits the depletion of Zinc, providing a long lasting combination of active & passive protection which blocks the corrosive elements from reaching the steel.


The ZincFix® ZincDek 90 sacrifices itself, protecting the steel beneath. Upon impact the electron flow resulting from chemical reaction between zinc, oxygen, water prevents oxidation of metal.

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