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Electrical Equipment Coatings
Designed for the corrosion protection & beautification of electrical components & products.

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1K PU Conformal Coating

A one component, solvent based, low viscosity elastomeric polyurethane coating.

1K PU Conformal Coating is designed for insulating & waterproofing electrical equipment. The high transparency allows for clear visualization of the surface below, ensuring paths can still be easily seen. 1K PU Conformal Coating works as an excellent insulator for PC boards and protects them against caustic or humid inorganic acid vapours, it also helps prevent any electrical leakages or short circuiting and can withstand temperatures up to 100°C & intermittent surges up to 150°C.

High water/moisture vapour moisture.

Good corrosion protection.

1K PU Conformal Coating can be dipped or sprayed.

Excellent insulating properties.

Protects against thermal shock.

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