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Epoxy 8900 Mastic

Solvent based high solids epoxy mastic coating. A two component, high solids, cyclo-aliphatic amine cured, epoxy mastic coating, designed to adhere onto manually prepared substrates.

Intended Uses

A high performance, surface tolerant, self priming and high solids coating which can be applied as a single or multi-layer protection over mechanically cleaned steel or suitably prepared concrete surface. The mastic can be applied over most aged well cured coatings and wire brushed rusty surfaces.

The mastic cures to a hard, glossy surface which is durable and provides excellent corrosion protection. When over-coated with PU 7.3:1 55 HB Topcoat this system provides an excellent exterior coating for tanks and vessels.

Properties & Characteristics

  • Surface tolerant, self priming high solids epoxy coating
  • High gloss, non-blushing coating with good colour stability
  • Develops a hard coating with good corrosion resistance
  • Provides good adhesion to tightly adhering rust and previously painted surfaces
  • Corrosion protection with a single coat
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good resistance to wet environments
  • Low VOC