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SpecSil Silicone Resin Paints

SpecSil Silicone Resin Paints unites the advantages of emulsion and silicate paints.

The result is a coating that is both water-repellent and water-vapour permeable, preventing moisture from accumulating within the wall and protecting the wall from rain and problems associated with moisture such as fungi, bacterial build up, blistering, alkali attack, cracking and peeling.

SpecSil Silicone Resin Paints are best used for new construction where no previous coatings have been applied to the substrate.

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Highly Water Resistant

Water Vapour Permeability

Dirt Washes Off

High Resistance Against Pollutants

Mould & Bacterial Growth Resistance


Why SpecSil Is Best For New Construction

SpecSil Silicone Resin Paints have been formulated for new construction work of mineral and masonry surfaces only. Application of SpecSil to previously painted surfaces blocks breath-ability performance characteristics of the coating.

Increase Building Energy Efficiency

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∗Please note products shown in illustation is not a specification

Walls that contain moisture lose a great portion of its insulation effect as a result.

SpecSil Silicone Resin Paints have a postive and long lasting effect on a buildings energy balance by keeping the exterior walls dry. By preventing moisture build up, the insultation effect on the building is enhanced and the building retains its energy balance for a long time.

Low Maintenance & Long Term Attractiveness

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Using SpecSil Silicone Resin Paints, exterior walls retain their decorative flare for a long time and renovation and repair work is kept to a minimum.

This is due to the superior chemistry involved in creating the paint which allows rain, dirt and condensation to simply roll off the wall.

A premium exterior wall coating that is extremely UV stable and allows the substrate to retain its colour for a long time.

Available in 2 Finishes

Flat Matt Smooth Finish img

FlatMatt Smooth

Matt Smooth Finish img

FlatMatt Texture