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Apexior 3

Cold Water Side Tank Lining ‹60°C. Apexior Number 3 is a single component, easy to apply air cure coating specifically formulated for the waterside corrosion prevention of metal surfaces. It has outstanding wetting properties and adheres well to power tooled cleaned areas. Apexior Number 3 is resistant to continuous immersion in fresh or salt water as well as frequently wet or high humidity environments.

Apexior Number 3 prevents pitting corrosion and stops corrosion which has already begun - except for badly pitted areas. It aids in the reduction and prevention of tight bonding of hard scale and allows for easy cleaning and removal of scale build-up. Apexior Number 3 performs ideally with water treatment.

Apexior Number 3 used in conjunction with Specialized Geotextile Fabric will create an impermeable waterproof membrane for waterproofing applications.

Intended Uses

Apexior Number 3 protects the water-side surface of:

  • Chillers
  • Cold Water Storage Tanks
  • Condenser heads and shells
  • Inside shell of AC Units
  • Pump casing on fresh salt water intakes
  • Inner housings of pumps
  • Sump pump pits and chain lockers
  • Bilge and forepeak tanks
  • Ballast and brine tanks

Apexior 3 in conjunction with Specialized Geotextile Fabric, waterproofs:

  • Earth Dams
  • Oxidation ponds
  • Canals
  • Concrete Reservoirs
  • Asbestos tanks
  • Animal drinking toughs
  • Concrete canals


  • Air dries, easy to apply
  • Excellent wettability properties
  • Resistant to fresh/salt water
  • Easily Re-Coatable
  • Surface tolerant features
  • Inert to water treatment
  • Prevents scale build-up
  • High puncture resistance
  • No skilled labour required