PlastiLine 1C Waterborne

High solid road marking paint. PlastiLine 1C Waterborne is a one component, patented Quick-Set technology waterborne traffic marking paint, offering fast drying and fast return to service even in adverse conditions of low temperature, high humidity and low air movement.

Intended Uses

PlastiLine 1C Waterborne is formulated as a high solids waterborne traffic paint for traffic applications such as Highways, local roads, intersections and crosswalks, landing strips and parking lots with our without reflective glass beads.

PlastiLine 1C Waterborne will adhere directly to Asphalt and correctly primed concrete road surfaces.

PlastiLine 1C Waterborne is used in all application where solvent borne products are specified. The advantages of the PlastiLine 1C Waterborne compared to traditional solvent based traffic paints include:

  • Better glass bead retention giving extended retro reflectivity/night-time visibility
  • Extended whiteness and daytime visibility
  • Environmentally acceptable
  • Increased worker safety – exposure to volatile organic solvents is greatly reduced
  • Easier, safer clean-up using water and mild solvent or detergents
  • Significantly reduced disposal costs – can be solidified and disposed of as non-hazardous waste
  • Non-Flammable

It is easy to process with all marking machines and spray equipment.

For use as a Type 1 road marking an average minimum thickness of 350µm wet shall be applied and for example 350g/m² of reflective glass beads (125-600µm)

For use as a Type 2 road marking an average minimum thickness of 600 µm wet film thickness with 800g/m² of reflective glass beads (400-1,200 µm)

These recommendations must be adapted to the roughness of the pavement.


  • Waterborne, high solids formulation
  • Rapid no pickup and drying time
  • Early rain resistance
  • Excellent glass bead retention and long term retro reflectance
  • Excellent obliteration / hiding power, high luminance
  • High reflectivity / luminance factor with glass beads added
  • High sag resistance allows for excellent build and coverage on new asphalt
  • Excellent resistance to bleeding on bitumen substrates
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and low dirt retention

PlastiLine 1C Waterborne meets all the standard requirements of current specifications.

Standard Road Marking Colours

Black Swatch


White Swatch


Yellow Swatch


Red Swatch


Blue Swatch


Green Swatch