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Specialised Blasting Equipment

CCB & Easy Load Systems

CCB & Easy Load Systems Graphic

This portable, industrial, versatile tool combines closed-circuit blasting, recovery, and media reclaimer. Can be configured as closed-circuit blast tool, separate blast and recovery tools, and media transfer tool.


Hollo-Blast Graphic

The Clemco Hollo-Blast cleans the full 360 degree inside diameter of pipe to white metal finish. It operates without need of rotating the pipe or the tool. Deposits such as rust, carbon millscale, coke and paint are easily removed.

The Hollo-Blast will accommodate pipes from 2 inch to 12 inch I.D. and lengths up to 40 feet. Any abrasive (except aluminum oxide or silicon carbide) 20 mesh or finer may be used.

Hollo-Blast Jr.

Hollo-Blast jr graphic

The Hollo-Blast Jr. is designed to clean pipe or tubing from 3/4 inch to 2 inch I.D. in 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch increments. The tool is mounted on 3/8 inch pipe lance for the length of tubing to be cleaned. A tungsten carbide lined reducer adapts the 3/8 inch lance to standard straight 1-1/4 inch thread for attachment to blast machine hose.

Operation of the Hollo-Blast Jr. is the same as Hollo-Blast. Air consumption is 80 CFM. Recommended abrasive size is 30 mesh or finer.


Spin-Blast graphic

The Clemco Spin-Blast is (a highly specialized attachment connected to the end of a pressure blast machine hose) specifically designed to restore any type of pipe to white metal clean without need of rotating pipe. With the complete removal of virtually any contaminant and with a highly desirable "tooth", the interior pipe surface is superbly prepared for the application of long-life coatings.

Applicable for pipe sizes ranging from 8 inch to 36 inch I.D. the unit is a high production favorite of refineries, pipe liners, chemical producers, water and gas companies.

Spin-Blast HD

Spin Blast HD graphic

Rugged, Heavy-duty, and Low Maintenance.

  • For pipes 18" to 48" ID.
  • Air motor control offers exibility in cleaning rates for varying surface conditions.
  • Adjustable centering carriage for consistent blast pattern.
  • Use with standard blast machine.

Pipe cleaning just got easier with the Spin-Blast HD from Clemco. The Spin-Blast HD is a rugged, portable, high-production tool for blast cleaning the internal surface of steel pipe. Its carriage adjusts for cleaning pipe from 18 inches to 48 inches inside diameter. The Spin-Blast HD is a pneumatic tool that is used as an accessory to a standard blast machine. Compressed air powers an air motor for control of the blast head rotation speed allowing infinite flexibility for varying degrees of contamination of the steel surface. The tool can be used with nozzles from 3/8" ID to 1/2" ID and requires a minimum of 1-1/2” ID blast hose. [Larger nozzles can be used in special situations—consult distributor].


  • Sturdy, rugged tool that withstands the harsh blast environment.
  • Few moving parts to replace.
  • Independent air motor control of blast head suits varying surface conditions.

Power Gun

Power Gun graphic

The Clemco Power Gun is a suction blast tool designed for dry abrasive blasting where the air supply is limited or the job is small.

The tool is lightweight and compact and ideal where setting up a conventional pressure blast machine would be awkward or inconvenient. The Power Gun can be used with all common media to clean or etch metal, clean masonry, etch glass, and other durable surfaces.

The optional heavy-duty plastic hopper holds and ample supply of media. The amount of media loaded will be dictated by the application and the location of the blast job.


  • Lightweight, portable, easily transportable tool.
  • Can be used with any media container or right out of the bag.
  • Simple setup—partially submerge suction lance into bag of abrasive.
  • Easy to use and maintain.

Popular applications:

  • Touch-up work or re-blasting areas that may have failed inspection.
  • Onboard ship.
  • On a scaffold or other elevated or difficult to reach location.
  • Small jobs.