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RENOLIT Reinforced PVC Pool Liners/Membranes

Why is Renolit AlkorPlan The Best Solution To Line A Swimming Pool?

Renolit AlkorPlan reinforced PVC pool membranes are the most widely used on site pool liners in the world!

Reinforced PVC pool membranes are decorative waterproofing liners for swimming pools & are made of two flexible sheets of polyvinyl chloride (PVC - P) that are laminated together with a core of polyester mesh that provides great strength & durability without the loss of flexibility & elasticity, allowing the membrane to adapt to any shape or corner of the pool. Renolit AlkorPlan provides pools with long lasting waterproofing with a unique style & personality in a range of different colours & designs.

The perfect solution for new build pools & pool refurbishments; especially in pools or places where there are cracks or micro pores that could cause damp, water leaks or flooding.

100% Water-Tightness Guarantee

All installations done come with a 10 year minimum 100% watertightness guarantree. Enjoy your pool in peace without worrying about any leaks!

What makes RENOLIT ALKORPLAN the best reinforced swimming pool liner.

  • RENOLIT ALKORPLAN contains high-quality pigments that make it extremely resistant to ultraviolet radiation.
  • It contains a low-volatility plastifying agent to ensure flexibility and extend its useful life.
  • It contains an excellent stabiliser which ensures that the reinforced liner remains practically unaltered in the event of sudden changes in temperature.
  • Its protective varnish acts like a shield against scratches, repels stains and dirt and protects it from UV radiation.
  • This sheet has been treated with a bactericidal product that prevents the development and proliferation of bacteria, micro-organisms and algae that could stain the liner.
  •   Wide range of colours & designs.
  •   Reinforced PVC pool liner adapts to every pool shell shape & design.
  •   Quicker Installation.
  •   Minimum maintenance & easy to clean.
  •   Resistant to structural movement.
  •   Can be installed onto any surface.
  •   No more detached mosaic tiles.
  •   No more black joints.
  •   No more flaking paintwork.
  •   No more leaking.
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Renolit ALKORPLAN Reinforced PVC Pool Liners/Membranes

Looking for an opportunity to expand your service offering or get involved with the new technology for swimming pool waterproofing?

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