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PlastiLine® Turf & Grass Marking
Coatings for marking grass, artificial grass & astro-turf.

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PlastiLine® Turf & Grass Marking

A one component, zero VOC, very fast drying, very high coverage water-based coating containing no biocides or harmful solvents.

PlastiLine® Turf & Grass Marking has been developed for new line marking or re-marking over existing lines on grass, artificial grass & Astro-Turf fields. It can be used on soccer, rugby, cricket, hockey, or volleyball fields as well as athletic tracks. PLASTILINE® Turf & Grass Marking also works well for parking bay de-lineations, arrows or painting logos, branding & creative designs onto grass, artificial grass or Astro-Turf for special events/festivals.

For more information, please download the datasheet.

Very fast drying.

Very high coverage.

Formulated to not wash off grass, artificial grass or Astro-Turf.

Contains no biocides or harmful solvents that will destroy the grass, artificial grass or Astro-Turf.

Weather resistant.

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