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SpecHeat Silicone 250 Colours

Temperature Resistant. A one component, solvent based, silicone/acrylic – organic high temperature coating in all colours.


For the protection of steel from corrosion on areas including flare stacks, kilns, flues, furnaces, muffler, exhausts, hot piping, stacks & other steel surfaces at elevated temperatures.

SpecHeat Silicone 250 will withstand continuous dry temperatures of 250°C and temperature surges of 300°C.

Where maximum corrosion protection is required, application should be over a zinc silicate primer such as Inorganic Zinc Primer or Etch 1K Epoxy Primer.

Suitable for areas subject to intermediate service temperatures that require a coloured finish.


  • Maximum thickness which can be applied in a single coat without subsequent blistering on heating is 40 microns dft
  • Used for internal and external protection of steel surfaces
  • Excellent flexibility to withstand thermal cycling from 0°C to 250°C
  • Excellent abrasion and weathering resistance
  • Aerosols available