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SpecAqua 1K DTM Flexi

Water Based Anti-Corrosive Coating. One component, water based, hydrophobic coating based on latest generation compact polymer matrix binders and metal-free, organic corrosion inhibition technology.

Intended Uses

SpecAqua 1K DTM Flexi is a high performance, hydrophobic direct-metal anti-corrosive primer/finish for use on mild steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized steel, Zinc Plated Steel and Zinc Phosphated Steel when applied creates a flexible, super hydrophobic film and provides excellent corrosion resistance.

Applied at minimum film thickness of 50um and applied up to 175um will provide salt spray resistance in excess of 1,440 hours.

Applied at 60um DFT SpecAqua 1K DTM Flexi is estimated to provide corrosion category C5-I Long. An equivalent epoxy/polyurethane thickness of between 320-500um would be required to achieve similar corrosion resistance.

SpecAqua 1K DTM Flexi is not very hard and can be topcoated with a harder film should enhanced mechanical/chemical resistance be required. i.e. SpecAqua 2K PUD.

The coating is extremely UV Stable and weather resistant.


  • Water Based, 1 component
  • Fast drying, early block resistance
  • Spray or brush application
  • Highly flexible
  • Unsurpassed corrosion protection at thin films
  • Applied direct to metal, no primer is required
  • Easy to use one component product that can be brush, roller or spray applied
  • Crack and peel resistant
  • Resistant to flash rust
  • Early water resistance
  • Provides very good adhesion for subsequent coats
  • Excellent coverage of nuts, bolts and welds
  • Less working hours due to 1 coat system
  • Eco friendly, without metal, low VOC
  • Less weight, due to lower film thickness