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Epoxy 8800 PW

Solvent Based Epoxy Lining. A two component, solvent based polyamine cured epoxy pigmented coating / lining.

Intended Uses

A high-performance multi-layer lining designed for potable water pipelines, tanks and hydroelectric installations. Suitable lining for a wide range of other liquids held in tank storage. It is also used as a coating over correctly prepared steel surfaces, for the corrosion protection of cast iron valves and pumps, steel gates, screw pumps Suitable for raw and treated water installations such as cooling water ducts and many applications in the mining industry such as lining thickener tanks, rake arms etc. High abrasion resistance.


  • Applied directly onto abrasive blast cleaned steel and built up to thickness of 300 - 400µm: it is self-priming
  • Unaffected by immersion in water pH range 5.5 to 8.5
  • Excellent lining for water pipelines
  • Good flexibility and water resistance
  • Good chemical resistances and resistance to aviation fuels etc.
  • Offers excellent corrosion protection to a wide range of liquids & gases including sour gas.
  • Conforms to SANS 1217 Type 1A requirements
  • Immersed temperature resistance up to 80°C