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Pure Polyurea Coating Technology

SpecPolyurea is a one coat hot spray applied elastomeric coating system capable of producing a seamless high strength & flexible membrane typically applied onto concrete or steel substrates. It can also be applied onto wood, asphalt & polystyrene with the correct priming system. A coating system that can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Polyurea has numerous advantages over conventional materials due to their rapid setting time, high elongation, tensile strength, durability & abrasion resistant charateristics. Polyureas, compared to other polymer coatings, stand out because of their versatility, longevity and strength.

SpecPolyurea is a two component pure polyurea coating that comes as 100% solids.

Characteristics of polyurea coating systems

  • Thermal Resistance/ Thermally Stable To 150°C.
  • Resistance to atmospheric attack.
  • Moisture insensitivity.
  • Fast reaction time.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • High chemical resistance.
  • Superior tensile & structural strength.
  • Impact resistant.

Polyurea Product Range

Polyurea vs Conventional Coating Systems

Properties Polyurethane Epoxy SpecPolyurea
Working Times Slow Slow Extremely Fast (5 Sec to 45 Min)
Moisture Sensitivity Yes Yes No, Moisture Insensitive
Elongation 600% Tends To Get Brittle Up To 1000%
Colour Stability Average, Yellowing Average, Yellowing Aromatics : Average
Aliphatics: 100% UV Resistant & Colour Stable
Abrasion Resistance Average Good Very Good
Superior Tensile Strength Average Good Excellent
Chemical Resistance Good Good Excellent
VOC Free No No Yes
Temperature Resistance From -30°C to +140°C From -20°C to +110°C From -50°C to +200°C
Seamless No No Yes, unlimited mil thickness with one layer
Coverage Different Different Average 1L = 1m² = 1mm
Duration Good Average Excellent

SpecPolyurea For Acid & Chemical Resistance Applications

Applications below are related to hazardous chemicals, acids & oil / petroluem. When dealing with hazardous chemicals, acids & oil / petroluem; having effective containment & management solutions are critical to ensuring no personnel get injured or affected by the material being handled. SpecPolyurea is a preferred choice for containment, spillage and exposure in the following applications:

Primary Containment

Tank Linings | Pipeline Coatings | Reservoir Linings | Lining Of Sewage Digestors | Uranium Mine Yellowcake Thickeners plus Ore Processing

Secondary Containment

Backup System For Spillage | Spill Berms | Containment Booms

Industrial Site Flooring

Areas Where Spillage May Occur | Drum & Flow Bin Storage Facilities

External Waterproofing

Water Towers | Reservoir Roofs | Leak Proof barriers | Sealing Steel, Concrete Tanks & Structures

Facilities & Refineries

Material Handling Areas | Production & Processing Facilities


Diaphragm Pump Bodies | Sewage Agitators | Vacuum Pump Castings | Submersible Motor Pumps

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Which Product Is Best For My Installation?

Product Shore A Hardness Shore D Hardness Tensile Strength Angle Tear (N/mm) Elongation (%) Gel Time (s) Tack Free Time (s) Temperature Resistance Dry (°C)
SpecPolyurea 1000 Pure Polyurea - Soft/Flexible 70 25 15 42 620 13 20 65
SpecPolyurea 3000 Pure Polyurea - High Strength 92 45 21 75 400 3 5 65
SpecPolyurea 5000 Pure Polyurea - Very High Strength 98 65 21 120 200 8 20 65

Our SpecPolyurea can be used outdoors & indoors; but as with all aromatic polyurea coatings, discolouration upon exterior exposure is common. These effects can be masked by using black polyurea or overcoating the polyurea with an aliphatic coating such as SpecSpartic Polyaspartic, PU DTM Flexi HB, PU 55 HB DTM Gloss or Glazetek within the set out overcoating window.

Application Equipment

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Our SpecPolyurea is applied using plural component spray equipment with a 1:1 direct impingement at a temperature of 70°C.

The coating cures within seconds allowing for rapid return to service and is relatively moisture & temperature insensitive allowing extended working seasons & application in relatively extreme conditions where high humidity exists.

Suitable Application Equipment:

Download Graco Reactor E-10hp Brochure Download Graco Reactor 2 E-XP2i Brochure
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Graco Polyurea Paint Sprayer img
Graco Polyurea Paint Sprayer img
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