Dekotec Tape Wrapping Systems

One Tape System Graphic
BUTYLEN One Tape Systems

In one-tape systems, the BUTYLEN tape takes on both the corrosion protection function and that of a mechanical protection tape.

Two Tape System Graphic
BUTYLEN Two Tape Systems

In a two-tape systems, the tapes each take on one of the functions of corrosion protection and that of mechanical protection.

Butylen Tapes img

The corrosion protection tapes comprise of symmetrical and asymmetrical three-ply tapes and butyl rubber tapes.

anti corrosion steel paint img
BUTYLEN Primer and Mastic

BUTYLEN-Primers improve the peel strength of BUTYLEN-Tapes on the metal surface and support the corrosion protection performance.

petrolatum tapes img
Petrolatum Tapes

Durable corrosion protection of pipeline components with complex shapes is most reliably achieved by using supple petrolatum tapes that follow the contours of the components.

Petrolatum Mastics img
Petrolatum Mastics

Petrolatum Mastics are particularly suited to long-term corrosion protection due to their permanently plastic qualities and as a filler for cavities in metallic structures.